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Five of Cups

It’s #tarottuesday so quit your cryin’ because it’s the Five of Cups!!

Are you broke as joke with no moolah for holiday treats? Do you have that green throat snot sickness everyone is getting? Are your disorders getting affected by the seasons? Are you just too goth to function?

The five of cards is all about crying over spilled milk, but CHILL OUT, you’ve still got two full cups down there and what is more punk rock that double fisting your metaphorical beverage of choice?

The trick to your woes is putting out a little to get more back. Not that love and light “the Secret” floof. You have to actually do something.

Step one: Magic. Take the 5 of cards from your own deck (or look at this one), ground, center, call your spirits. Raise your palm and high FIVE the universe right in the face. Hold up THREE fingers in the ‘ok’ position. Three spilled cups is totally ok. You are ok. Hold up TWO fingers in the devil horns. You rock so very hardcore-ly all day, every day.

Step 2: Do a thing. Broke? You can still be generous to someone somewhere. Declutter and donate to a shelter or donate your time. Sick? Sleep for 12+ hours. I MEAN IT, TWELVE. If you have to go to bed at 6pm to be up at 6am, nitey-nite, grandma. Not sleepy? Take something potent but harmless like benadryl. Turn out the lights. Close you eyes. Do NOT look at your phone. Got the blues? Make a Motown 60s play list and and sing along at your animals or plants. If you don’t like the Four Tops, you have bigger problems than this reading is designed to address.

Step Three: Keep doing your thing if it feels good and you have the time/energy. If not, do it once and forget about it. By acting in the mundane, you will attract more of the same. None of the step 2 things will fix all your problems. However, they represent you making the time and effort to create a moment of relief or joy for yourself or someone else. You are rad! In the meantime, if you start getting anxious about those three spilled cups do your five of cups mudras to pump yourself and your magic up. ✋👌✌

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(image source: Moonchild Tarot)

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