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Category Archives: Hex Rated Podcast

Hex Rated Episode #22- How Do You Witch?

In this episode, Jaye, Scarlet and Blackbird Q&A each other about how they each actually practice witchcraft, what rituals they do (or don’t do,) what kind of “system” each witch has for crafting their own special brand of magic, how just being a semi-functional adult

Hex Rated Episode #21- Divination: Sorta Like Therapy

In this episode, Scarlet, Jaye, and Blackbird discuss the similarities between therapy and divination, and how divination can be used as a tool of introspection much like talking to a therapist. Guacamole love is discussed right up front. Disclaimer: We at Hex Rated take mental

Hex Rated Episode #20- Southeast Asia Woo Woo

In this episode, Scarlet and Blackbird discuss with Jaye at length their trip to the Indochinese Peninsula and their most magical moments while there. Don’t get an earworm before a 22-hour flight, eat lots of roti, and other life lessons are imparted.

Hex Rated Episode #19 – Death Is What Happens

In this episode, Lily rejoins Scarlet, Jaye, and Blackbird to discuss the four witches’ thoughts on death, and what their relationship with death has meant in each of their practices. Listener email, Ostara, and Lily’s perfect baby body are also topics of discussion.

Hex Rated Mini-Episode #2 – Lily’s Birth Story

In this episode of Hex Rated count how many times Lily says the word “intense” to describe childbirth! Or don’t, because that’s all you’d be doing the whole episode. Though seriously, childbirth IS intense! Listen to Lily discuss her birth story in this min-episode of

Hex Rated Episode #18 – Which Witches Are We, Revisited!

In this episode, Scarlet, Jaye and Blackbird discuss what has changed for them in defining and growing their practices over the last two years. Also, fun facts about Beluga whales, a killer mac and chee recipe, and listener email are all part of the witches’