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Category Archives: Hex Rated Podcast

Episode 32 – Intro to Channeling with Scarlet and Special Guest!

Join Blackbird as she interviews Scarlet and special guest and witch friend Brandon about their particular way of channeling, their experiences, and how and why they do it. Talk to deities! Learn their favorite songs! Maybe don’t have unlimited alcohol present when Thor is around

Hex Rated Episode 30 – The Witches Answer Your Questions pt 2

Join Lily, Scarlet, and Blackbird as they answer awesome questions from Hex Rated listeners, like what they do when things get overwhelming, to what the witches identify as some of their go-to witchy tools! As always, join in for a magical journey through silly songs,

Hex Rated Episode 29 – What Is a Death Doula?

Join Scarlet as she interviews Blackbird about a recent conference she attended to learn more about becoming a death doula. The witches talk about what the definition of a death doula is, and what specific roles a doula fulfills for a dying person and the

Hex Rated Episode 27 – Hexennacht Ritual

Gather with Scarlet, Lily, and Blackbird as they go through their Hexennacht ritual that they were able to celebrate together in Texas recently. The witches all wrote incantations for one another, and added a bonus divining workshop. Get your fancy tea and poetic licenses out!