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Hex Rated Episode #9 – A Ritual of Vengeance and Justice

n this episode of Hex Rated, we welcome a permanent addition to our group, Jaye! We also walk through our Ritual of Vengeance and Justice, and begin the conversation regarding why we all feel the need for witch activism. Ritual of Vengeance and Justice: full

Hex Rated Episode #8 – Ancestors and Spirits

In this episode of Hex Rated we three try out a new podcast format that consists of three mini segments and our main topic. Our three new segments are Suit Yourself with Scarlet, Throwing Stones with Lily, and Cookin’ Up a Storm with Blackbird where

Hex Rated Episode # 7 – Which Witches Are We?

n this episode of Hex Rated Lily, Scarlet, and Blackbird were inspired to discuss their own individual beliefs and practices when their favorite witch-crush, Sarah Anne Lawless, was removed as key-note speaker for Many Gods West based on her beliefs. links: Sarah Ann Lawless

Hex Rated Episode #5 – Rituals and Rites

In this episode of Hex Rated Scarlet, Blackbird, and Lily explain how they developed their formula for rituals and rites as well walk you through their upcoming Yule 2015 ritual. mentioned in this episode: Yule Ritual Basic Ritual Outline Gary, Gemma (2015). the Devil’s Dozen:Thirteen