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Hex Rated Episode #4 – You Gotta Wight for your Right to Party

In this episode of Hex Rated the three bitchiest witches you’ve ever met discuss what it’s like being a liberal witch living deep in enemy territory.

Mentioned in this episode:

Brujas Hex Donald Trump

2 thoughts on “Hex Rated Episode #4 – You Gotta Wight for your Right to Party”

  1. Suzanne says:


    I’ve been enjoying your podcast, and how much fun you guys clearly are having, but I am pretty hung up on the discussion about being asked if you are Jewish. I don’t understand how a Jewish person asking if you are Jewish would be anti-Semitic? Especially in a podcast where you are talking about how you don’t fit into super Christian state, it’s really hard to understand wanting to find other Jewish people? I don’t understand why you would be offended by “looking Jewish?” is that really a bad thing?

    1. Suzanne says:

      Just a little background, I am a super-white looking lady who is raising a half-Jewish daughter. I have had the opposite problem, not looking Jewish enough for people not to give me side-eye when I talk about making Challah, celebrating Pesach or lighting Shabbat candles. There is definitely a “Jewish look” that people expect, I understand how it would be weird for someone who isn’t Jewish to ask you if you are, but someone who is is probably just looking for another soul to commiserate with in the heart of scary, super-Christian land, where they also are feeling like an outsider.

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