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Sigil – the White Owl

IIn honor of one of my personal deities, I whipped up this sigil using one of the simplest methods a la Spare.

The goddess’ totem is a snow owl, so rather than making the sigil too obvious by using her name Lulosna, I opted to start with the words “white owl.”

The first step is to eliminated repeated letters.
In this case W.

You can also remove letters that are contained within more complicated ones.
I, T and L are all contained within H or E.

What is left are W, H, E, and O.


So, I kind of fibbed about the “simplest method” part.  The first step IS simple: no esoteric symbols or alphabets to transcribe, no tedious connect-the-dots games on magic squares or natal charts.

However, the next step– arranging your letters into something elegant and magical– is another problem altogether.  In some ways, the other options are easier.  Ancient alphabets or ciphers are often so arcane looking  they look mysterious enough just written out as a word.  Tracing sigils using a magic square, natal chart, or other device takes the design element out entirely: just zig, zag, zig again, and presto!  The method presented here is a lot more open ended.  The design choices are nigh infinite which is a mighty big number if you’re not a graphic designer by trade.

whiteowl layoutTo narrow things down, I chose to center the sigil with the two letters that have bi-axial symmetry: O and H.  That means that if you flip them in a mirror, the will still look the same across either a vertical axis (left to right) or horizontal axis (top to bottom).  O also features rotational symmetry. You can rotate it 360º and it is still a circle.  So H and O.  I decided to put O above the H rather than below or intersecting the H-crossbar since it kind of evoked a full moon over the horizon.  A good witchy start.

For the E, I added a short vertical hashmark below the H-crossbar.

To finish it off, I added the W as a lowercase wave to cap off the E’s center prong.  It looked kind of naked dangling like that.

The discarded letters I, T, and L are contained within the sigil in a variety of places.  I diagrammed one for each letter to right, but see if you can spot more.

Finally, to double check that it was done, I cross-referenced the layout with esoteric alchemy symbolism.  The three basic building blocks of those symbols are the circle O, the crescent (, and the cross +.  The narrative is derived from the hierarchy of symbols in order of importance ascending  from bottom to top.

So at the bottom, the W forms two upturned crescents: ∪∪. Straddling, that, the H forms a pair of crosses: ++.  Emerging from the crosses is the circle.  Now let’s plug in the meaning.

The circle represents divinity, the cosmos, the mind, or more literally the sun.  For shorthand, I go with “the divine.”  The crescent represents intuition, spirituality, the subconscious, the soul, or the moon.  For me, “spirituality” is a good keyword.   The cross represents the mundane, the physical plane, experience, matter, earth, the body, or the world.  “Experience” sums it up nicely.

So at the bottom, the W forms two upturns crescents: ∪∪. Straddling, that, the H forms a pair of crosses: ++.  Emerging from the crosses is the circle.

 at the bottom . . .  crescents . . . . inside/around . . . a pair of crosses . . . . Emerging from the crosses is the circle.

at the bottom . . . SPIRITUALITY. . . . inside/around . . . . . EXPERIENCE . . . . . Emerging from experience is DIVINITY.

. . . . . . . . . . SPIRITUALITY . . . . . infusing . . . . . . EXPERIENCE . . . . . . Emerges . . . . . . . . DIVINITY.

When spirituality infuses the mundane experience, a connection to the divine emerges.

This goddess is the personification of Consciousness, both personal self-awareness as well as the universal or divine consciousness.  She therefore facilitates spiritual awakening, awareness, and connection to all things.  So I’d say a glyph symbolizing enlightenment obtained by practicing the sacred in  he everyday, is DEFINITELY a suitable message for this figure. Win!


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