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Uncoven Issue #3

  this issue: Witchcraft Workshop Sasstrology Roaming the Wicked Path Cooking Up a Storm Politi-craft Open Source Witchcraft Episode 11 Show Notes On this episode, we discuss warding, protection, and self-care.  Lily talks about bindrunes, Scarlet and Jaye discuss crystals and geodes, Blackbird talks about

Uncoven Issue #2

this issue : Witchcraft Workshop Sasstrology Roaming the Wild Path Cooking Up A Storm Throwing Stones Politi-Craft Open Source Witchcraft Episode 10 Show Notes In the beginning of this episode, we answer a listener’s email about introductory books on Wicca.  While none of us identify as

Sí an Bhrú: Newgrange

I recently took a trip to Ireland and discovered not only does the Guinness really taste better in Dublin, but the fairy folk are alive and well on the Emerald Isle. I was continually told that though an Irishman might not say he believes in