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the Woods Witch – a Pathworking

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Breathe in. With every breath in, you smell the earth.
Exhale.With every exhalation you sink deeper into the ground.

Breathe in. Smell the green grass beneath you.
Breathe out, sink into the grass. Feel it flutter against your limbs.

Breath in. Smell the spicy dried leaves and moss scattered below the blade of grass. They feed the new growth.
Breathe out. Sink into the soil so that you are eye level with the horizon. Feel the warm moist earth envelop you snugly. Feel warm morning sun and eyelids and a faint breeze on your cheek.

Breath in. Smell the soil. It is dark and loamy.
Breathe out, sink into the ground, below the surface, deeper and deeper. Sense the new seeds stirring near you. Feel grounded by the gnarled, ancient roots reaching ever deep into the earth.

Breathe in, feel the velvety, nourishing soil swaddle you comfortably.
Breath out and feel yourself rise gently back towards the surface the a sprouting shoot.
Breathe in and appear back on the surface again. How do you feel? Tingly? Nourished? Calm? Invigorated?

You are at the gate of an otherworld garden.
It is pleasantly warm and smells like nectar and pollen.
What is different about the otherworld? What sounds do you hear. What time of day is it?
How do you feel? Curious? Wary? Floaty? Excited? At home?

Move thought the garden’s arbor threshold.
The inside of the garden is elaborately designed with fanciful topiaries, elegant hedges, and lush wines.
Begin strolling along a path in any direction you choose.

As you wander, the path winding.
As you turn each bend the garden plants become taller, thicker, and wilder.
Eventually, the path fades and you are in a shaded forest.
The trees and shrubs are older.
Thick vines and briars weave around the trees, along the ground, and dangle from the branches above.

As you wanders, the bramble vines and hedges become thicker and the wood grows darker,
the sunlight flickers through the dense canopy above.
The tree trunks are thick and the branches knotted and heavy.
The forest floor is littered with small wildflowers and toadstools.

You step into a small glade of grass. It is the center of the forest.
All the creatures of the forest peek through at you from the edges of the glades.
The spirits of the plants and mineral flutter among the foliage.

The is a hooded figure standing in the glade dressed int the robes of the woods: mosses, rushes, bark, and leather.
The figure lifts her hood and beckons you.
She is the woods witch.

Her eyes are dark and her skin is dusky and specked like a doe’s.
Her hair is braided with wild booms and twigs.
She wears a crown of antlers.
She looks old and young at the same time.

You converse with the Woods Witch for a time.

The lady of the wild wood call one of the creatures forward and presents it as a guide for you.
Welcome it and communicate with it.

When you are ready to leave, thank the lady of the the beasts.
You may thank your animal companion and let it remain or it may wish to follow you.

Begin walking back the way you came. Out of the glade through dark forest.
As the trees and hedges thin, you pick up the path to the garden.
As it winds, you emerge from the wild wood into the sunny garden.

Step back through the arbor gate and return to yourself in the physical world.

3 thoughts on “the Woods Witch – a Pathworking”

  1. hocuspocus13 says:

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  2. Caroline says:

    So glorious!

  3. Kate Gladstone says:

    I tried to connverse with the woods witch, but she wouldn’t converse. She didn’t seem to see, hear, or feel me whenever eventually I tried to get her attention after she’d been ignoring me for quite a while. So I never got as far as where she’d introduce me to an animal guide. Now what?

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