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Uncoven Issue #21

Episode 24 – 2018 Year in Review 

We all had a pretty topsy-turvy year, that’s for sure.  Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and listen to us share what happened for us in 2018 personally, politically, and magically.

We are ALL OVER the ‘grams, folks.  Check us out.
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Cooking Up a Storm with Blackbird

yd2I try not to take it for granted, living in a climate where I can get really nice vegetables pretty much any Sunday at a local market.  Not the grocery-store stuff.  Beautiful tomatoes and zucchini that you better had use, because these vegetables are REAL and they will go bad.  I bought some zucchini the other weekend and set them on the counter, and while I stepped into another room for maybe 5 minutes, my not-quite-a-kitten-anymore rolled one off of the counter and onto the floor, where she proceeded to bite it.  Lots of bites.  Totally unusable.  Thanks, asshole.  Good thing I still had two more in order to bring you this rad recipe.
I love quick breads – banana bread, cranberry-orange bread, all those breads that you really see a lot of during this time of year.  My mom always made zucchini bread, and it is probably King of my Quick Bread Kingdom.  I love it.  Here’s a really simple recipe that makes two loaves, one to keep and one to give as a gift!  As always, sub where you need – just don’t forget to squeeze most of the liquid out of the zucchini.  Pretty crucial step.  Happy baking, and blessed Yule to all.INGREDIENTS
3 eggs, beaten
1 cup vegetable oil
2 cups sugar
2 cups zucchini, peeled and grated
3 cups flour
1 tbsp cinnamon (yes, that is correct)
1 tbsp vanilla (also correct)
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp nutmeg
Squeeze excess water and juice from grated zucchini before adding to mix.
Mix eggs, oil, sugar, vanilla, and zucchini.
In a separate bowl, mix flour, salt, nutmeg, cinnamon, baking powder, and baking soda.  Then, combine both mixtures.
Grease AND FLOUR 2 loaf pans, divide and pour in mixture.  Bake at 350 for 1 hour, but check with a knife or cake tester at 45 min.  Done when the knife comes clean.


All That Begins

Death is easy to worship when you haven‘t met
When She hasn‘t knocked on your door
Or sang a loved one to sleep
When Death remains distant
She is easy to love
And then
She comes
A heart that stops beating
Held still in Her grasp
A brain that is broken
A body that is old
And then
The living become the deceased
The descendants become the ancestors
And sitting on your altar are the faces of those you knew
In life
Death is easy to worship
Until She visits
And then
A witch must earn her name
Through grief
Through anger
Through pain
And then
Death says,
All that begins, my child
Will end.~Lily

Elbow Deep with Blackbird


I still get a few little gifts for people, but gone are the days of big spending on lavish gifts that no one really needs.  Something I have started doing more frequently and something that I would like to make a permanent habit (and also, make a full transition to) is giving to causes that are of interest to me or to the person that I am “buying for” – donating to their favorite charity, or maybe to a charity that they don’t even know about but would be really happy to support.  I know we all like to open things, but just consider the change you might be able to affect in someone’s life by donating what you would have spent.  To me, it’s much more meaningful and I think my dollar goes further than it would if I were to just get a bunch of…stuff.
I’m not trying to shit all over the holidays, or denounce capitalism.  But as I get a year older (for real!  My birthday is the 24th), it just means more to me to do some good in the world if and where I can.  Check out Charity Navigator, and find where you could do the most good.  I try to enclose either the donation receipt in a card or at least let the person I am gifting know what cause was the happy recipient.  Some organizations will send a card if you make a donation in someone’s name, which is nice, too.
I think I am just over the gift-giving.  I want to help make change in the world, whether it’s with helping the Humane Society, Doctors Without Borders or the thousands of other amazing organizations that want to make this world better too.Feed your spirit,

Suit Yourself – Tarot with Scarlet

I used (and still use) the Celtic Cross spread for decades, but somewhere along the line in the past 5 years I cooked up a weird little 6 card this-or-that spread.  Now, I shall share it with you!  In a fancy infographic no less.
Full Image
Most often, the left-hand choice is the obvious recommendation and the right-hand one more of a “can you possibly be this stupid?” endorsement of the first choice.  Less often, if the querant really needs a kick in the tits, both sides will be the same option in twice the detail.  This will be pretty obvious not only by the meaning of the cards, but by mirroring in number, suit, figures, or overall design.

If the spread’s advice is particularly helpful, I will make a sigil using the first and last cards and draw it straight on the back of my hand.  You can also burn it, carve it, put it on an altar, write it on the bottom of your shoe, trace it in the air, or set it as the background on your phone.


Full Image


An on-going list of political and social action items to keep you aware in these rage-inducing times. 

– Doing the right thing whether Trump likes it or not: Patagonia has pledged to donate the $10 million it will from Trump’s corporate tax break to groups that protect air, land and water as well as organizations dedicated to regenerative organic agriculture.

– Text Tennessee governor Bill Halsam to grant clemency to Cyntonia Brown, the ex worker trafficked at age 16 who killed her abuser and was sentenced to 51 years in prison. 615-741-2001.

-ALCU’s guide to your rights in the border zones of the United States.

-Federal judge finds the president‘s asylum ban “inconsistent with the law”.

-All about the Rainbow Wave of newly elected openly gay and trans state legislators.

-U.S. appeals court will n ot restore Trump asylum order.

-Catalina Cruz becomes first former ‘Dreamer’ elected to New York state Assembly

Still useful stuff:

– Check out Jen Hoffman’s new year activism challenge with her activism plan worksheet and a bonus self care worksheet.    Sign up for her weekly newsletter which is so ridiculous more thorough than ours!

– Join the Handmaid’s Resistance!  Get updates about events, resources, organizing your own event and more.

– fire up that cellular device and oppose the rollback of birth control coveragedefend childhood immigrants and DREAMersdenounce Trump’s ban on transgender troops, tell DeVos to maintain title IX protections for campus assault victims.  Or pick any other five issues from 5 Calls, there are 31 active issues!  Bonus points: follow up with emails and faxes through an app (see below) or good ole snail mail.

– Try the  Stance app. Record a voice message and will send it directly to your representative’s phone.

– Head to the  House of Representatives website to find your rep in congress and contact them! Emails are great, phone calls are better, but do something. Contact them until the poor, unpaid interns who have to answer the phones all day know you by name. Contact them until everyone cries because you will not stop until your rep knows exactly where you stand on all the issues.

– Follow your congress(wo)man on Twitter or periodically check-in (if clouding your social media feed with their trash is too repulsive), representatives will often tweet about upcoming town halls. Attend town halls.

– If you are in a time crunch and want to contact your senators or representatives but can’t get to a town hall, check out this genius texting bot called  Resistbot.  You will have to come up with a short message, but the bot will fax your legislators DAILY if you so desire.  Resistbot is now available on Facebook Messenger, with even more features than ever.  If you are not using this, it is simply the fastest, best way to contact your state and federal representatives.

– The  Women’s March is a goldmine of resources and suggested actions to combat the growing voice of racism, bigotry, and sexism. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well!

– Check out  The American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) handy-dandy doc  Know Your Rights for when you’re out there on the street peacefully protesting and expressing your motherfuckin’ right to civil disobedience. In fact, while you’re at it,  donate some cash monies if you can. Here in ‘Merica we vote with our dollars.

– **NEW!!** Indivisible has released a brand new version of the  Indivisible Guide.  New congress, new rules of engagement.  Check it out!!

-If you are a Texas resident, you can go to the Texas Legislature Online and sign-up for an account, allowing you to view legislative content and add bills to an alert list. Whenever a bill you’ve put on your list is updated, you’ll receive an alert. Also, feel free to check out our list of Texas legislative bills that we are monitoring and updating. Stay woke, witches.

-Check out Planned Parenthood Texas Vote‘s guide on attending legislative committee hearings where the public is given the opportunity to provide input and feedback on proposed laws.

– Don’t over extend yourself! Yes, we’d all like to fix all the problems right the fuck now, but that’s not practical. You will burn yourself out if you try to keep up with everything in this country (and world for that matter) that needs fixing, so we recommend you come up with a short list of the most important social issues to you. This does not mean you don’t care about everything! We know you do! But we can’t all be doing everything all the time.

Full Image
Hocus Pocus, bitches.

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