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Uncoven Issue #23

PantheaCon Special Edition Series 

Join Scarlet, Jaye, and Blackbird at the PantheaCon Convention in San Jose, CA.  Taking place on the weekend leading up to President’s Day, this Con has been going on for 25 years.  It is an amazing gathering of pagans with a schedule packed full of workshops, rituals, and something for everyone magical.  The three witches do a wrap of each day at the Con in this special edition series.

Episode 1
Episode 2

Episode 3

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Author-Artist Credit and Public Use Notice

Below we will be sharing handouts, notes, and photographs of some of the rituals we attended.  In all cases, we only share what was distributed for public use and have attributed authors for works that were not explicitly created anonymously.

If any materials belong to you and are 1) not cited correctly, 2) are not for public distribution, or 3) contain any other errors or requiring correction or retraction please email so we can make it right immediately.

-Blackbird, Jaye, Lily, and Scarlet

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Big Basin Red Woods

If you’d like to follow our footsteps, this is the official state park page for Big Basin.

There are, of course, plenty of big trees and lovely parks all over Northern California.  Do a Jaye and always check the weather reports for road closures and unsafe conditions for the best route!


Blackbird’s Favorite Tree
Surprise Surprise, I could not even pick a favorite if I wanted to.  So I’ll just share with you one that I found incredibly impressive – The Mother of the Forest.  I mean, with that name, how could it not be!?  This fucking tree was THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY NINE FEET TALL at its historic height.  The circumference on the ground is 70 feet.  And I mean, look at the yonic sitch going on here…there’s nothing to not love about the Mother of the Forest.


Jaye’s Favorite Tree
I had many favorite trees but this one was definitely one of the coolest to experience up close. You could stand inside the massive tree trunk. When you look up there is an open circle where you can see the overlapping branches and sky above. Inside the noises echoed down from above through the thick base. The sound of birds and leaves rustling in the wind.


Scarlet’s favorite tree
My favorite is much bigger than the picture conveys.  I guesstimate it was about 6-7 in diameter on the inside.  All three of us could have brewed potions over a cast iron cauldron with room to spare.  It is hollow and charred from a lightning strike, but as far as I can tell the wood outside is unharmed and the tree lives on!
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Sekhmet: Embracing your Sex and Inner Fire
presenter: Ali Montgomery

The ritual began with drumming and an Egyptian chant “sa, saket, sahu”” meaning “breath, power, spirit” [* see below for note]. Participants were also given a print out of the 100 names of Sekhmet and were invited to to contemplate the names and note which ones stood out as appealing or evocative and which might be difficult or spark resistance.
Sekhmet, Great One of Magic
Mother of the Netjeru (Gods)
One Who Was Before the Netjeru Were
Lady of The Place of the Beginning of Time
Beloved of Ra, Her Father
Beloved of Bast, Her Sister
Beloved of Ptah, Her Husband-Brother
At Whose Wish the Arts Were Born
Beautiful Eye Which Giveth Life to the Two Lands
Beautiful Face, Image Most Beloved by Art
Flaming One
Sovereign of Ra, Her Father
Protectress of the Netjeru
Lady of the Scarlet-Colored Garment
Pure One
Destroyer of Rebellions
Eye of Ra
Eye of Heru (Horus)
Pre-Eminent One in the Boat Of Millions of Years
Roamer of Deserts
Wanderer in the Wastes
Only One
Lady of Enchantments
Opener of Ways
Lady of Transformations
Lady of The Many Faces
Enrapturing One
Giver of Ecstasies
Satisfier of Desires
Inspirer of Men
Victorious One in Battles
Overcomer of All Enemies
Ruler Of The Desert
Ruler of Serpents and of Dragons
Ruler of Lions
Sublime One
Sparkling One
Great One of Heka
Lady of the Magic Lamp
Mother of the Dead
Lady of the Bloodbath
Destroyer by Plagues
Great One of Healing
Destroyer by Fire
Lady of the Waters of Life
Mistress and Lady of the Tomb
Great One in the Places of Judgement and Execution
Guide and Protectress from the Perils of the Underworld
Great One of the Place of Appearances in Silence
Lady of the Way of Five Bodies
Unrivaled and Invincible One
Ruler of the Chamber of Flames
The Source
She Whose Opportunity Escapeth Her Not
Winged One
Powerful of Heart
The Aware
The Gleaming One
Sekhmet, Who Reduceth to Silence
Sekhmet, Who Rouseth the People
Lady of Jubilation
Adorable One
Shining of Countenance
Mother of Images
Incomparable One
Lady of Intoxications
Mightier Than the Netjeru
Most Beautiful
Most Strong
Great One of Laws
Protectress of the Divine Order
The One Who Holds Back Darkness
The Beautiful Light
Warrior Netjert (Goddess)
Netjert (Goddess) of Love
Great One in Heaven
Great Serpent on the Head of Her Father
Great One of the Incense of The Ennead
Great Lady of the House of Life
Queen of the Venerable Ones
Lady of the House Of Books
Devouring One
Sekhmet of the Knives
Burner of Evildoers
The One Before Whom Evil Trembles
Terrible One
Lady of All Powers
Eternal As Her Father
Lady of the Manifold Adornments
Most Beautiful Among the Netjeru
Bountiful One
Sekhmet Who Gives Joys
Unwavering, Loyal One
Beloved Teacher
Beloved Sekhmet
(Masters, Robert E. L. The Goddess Sekhmet: The Way of the Five Bodies. Amity, NY: Amity House, 1988.)

This traditional representation of Sekhmet shows the symbols and energy centers used in the meditation.  Each was described using its Egyptian name, physical representation, and symbolic meaning.
1. Sekhem – staff – power
2. Ankh – key – life force
3. Iaret – cobra – kundalini
4. Udjat – eye of Horus – third eye
5. Aten – solar disk – crown chakraGreat handout of resources (sorry, y’all are going to have to hand type these, no hyperlinks here):
Full Image

Presenter Ali Montgomery’s site: Soul Liberation Services

*[note: I cannot find a source, nor confirm that “sa” and “sahu” translate to “breath” and “spirit.”  The more common words would be “nft” or “TAw” for “breath/air” and “kA” for “spirit.”  However, my knowledge is by no means comprehensive and this chant could be using a metaphorical or poetic use of other words.
TL;DR: The ritual’s translation of this chant might not be accurate.]


RARAS: Reclaiming and Restoring America’s Symbols

This ritual had tons of great handouts that were meant to be shared.  For full-sized versions of the images below, see our blog post!

more info on the RARAS project at: 
Fellowship of the Spiral Path

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Hex Rated’s Social Justice Rituals


Waters of Life, Lady of Magic – an Offering Rite to Isis
presenter: The House of Golden Isis

This ritual called upon Isis as Great Mother and Mistress of Magic for renewal and transformation. We each placed an offering to Isis of spring water over a collection of dry stones. The leading practitioner added Nile Water and we all invoked the Goddess by calling her sacred names to consecrate the stones with singing and chanting.  At the end of the rite we each took a stone with us.
Full Image


Saraswati Puji
presenter: Sarah Astarte, PhD

The Sarswati Puja was simple, beautiful, and perfectly joyous.
I have never tasted a clementine so sweet!
Full Image
Full Image
Full Image

Nine Faces of Odin
presenter: Diana Paxson

Though song and story we called on Nine faces of Odin. We took part in a nine symbolic gestures, such as drinking mead, pulling a rune and being draped in a black veil to represent each face.

For more information :

yd2 yd2
Full Image

the Ogdoad

During the ritual “the Morning of Creation” by Hathor & the Holy Cows (aka Tandemonium), I mention the Ogdoad.  If this interests you, here are their names and spellings so you can get googling that primordial chaos.

Kek and Keket – Primordial Darkness.
Names based on the masculine and feminine versions of kkw “darkness.”
Alternate transliterations: Kekui, Ka and Kekuit, Kait.

Heh and Heuhet – Infinity, Eternity.
Names based on the masculine and feminine versions of ḥeḥ “millions.”
Alternate transliterations: Huh, Hah, Hauh, Huah, Hehu and Hauhet, Huahet, Hehuit

Nu and Naunet – Primordial Abyss.
Names based on the masculine and feminine versions of nw “waters” also puns on the word nn “inactivity”
Alternate transliterations: Nenu, Nunu, Nun and Nunut, Nuit, Nent, Nunet.

Amun and Amunet – the Unseen.
Names based on the masculine and feminine versions of jmn “the Hidden One”
Alternate transliterations and names: Amon, Ni, Qerḥ and Amonet, Amaunet, Ennit, Qerḥet 

As with all things Egyptian, these tidy divisions aren’t as clean as they appear. Often, these gods represent their opposite as well or they are taken as a group with all attributes applying to all 8 collectively.  Some replaced, were replaced by, or fused with other deities.  For example, Amun-Re was the supreme creator god.

Santa Muerte Devotional

I didn’t spoil the mood by snapping any pics of the fantastic altar (let’s be real, between the darkness and spooky spirits floating around the pics probably wouldn’t have turned out), but here is a handout and prayer from the service!
Full Image

Book Witch – Mentions and Purchases

bought and on the to-be-read shelf:
-Norman, Mark.   Black Dog Folklore: a Comprehensive Study of the Image of the Black Dog in Folklore. Troy Books, 2016.
-Meredith, Jane.  Journey to the Dark Goddess: How to Return to Your Soul.  Moon, 2012.
-Paxson, Diana L.  The Essential Guide to Possession, Depossession, & Divine Relationships. Wieser Books, and recommended:
-Nesher, Elisheva.  Lot Casting: Divination of the Hebrew Tribes. Lulu, 2015.
-Paxson, Diana L.  Trance-Portation: Learning to Navigate the Inner WorldWeiser Books, 2008.mentioned:
-Meredith, Jane.  Aspecting the Goddess. Moon Books, 2018.
-Paxson, Diana L.  Odin: Ecstasy, Runes & Norse Magic. Weiser Books, 2017.
– Blackthorn, Amy.   Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic The Green Witch’s Guide to Essential Oils for Spellcraft, Ritual & Healing. Weiser  Books, 2018.

yd2 yd2 yd2


 House of Wormwood soap, fragarance, many yummy things
 Troll Cunning Forge metalwork and stabby things
– Owlkemy Arts art of Tempest Zakroff
– Eyescream jewelry, art, clawed things
– Awdawg Studios Pottery

Presenter Roundup

More information about Ritualists and Groups mentioned in the podcast:

 Full Pantheacon Schedule
 Full Pantheacon Presenter list with Bios

-RARAS:, Fellowship of the Spiral Path
-Sekhmet: Embracing your Sex  Ali Montgomery, Soul Liberation Services 
 Tempest Zakroff 
-Eli Sheva:  Primitive Hebrews
Song of the Stars: A Constellation of Unity:  Shauna Aura Knight
– Mirrors of the Goddess: T emple of Aphrodite

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