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Uncoven Issue #31

Elbow Deep with Blackbird


As I sit here going on week 2 of being sick, hacking up green shit, so tired I can’t see straight, on the precipice of so many giant life events, I think Holy Fuck. 2019 waited until the end of the year to start punching me in the gut. But wait, it started rough too. The middle part – oh wait, moving – shit.
So maybe the entire year has kicked me repeatedly. But it has also been possibly the most introspective yet.

While challenged on every level, I am coming to terms with my body.  Beginning to even love it, even when I am in pain.  I trust it.
I am coming to terms with my mortality.  I have done hard work this year around it.  I have tried to not let it consume me, these thoughts of what my end and the end for those I love will look like.
I am coming to terms with my power.  I merely whisper words and the universe responds.  I can no longer pretend in coincidence.

Sometimes I look at my phone because it’s easier. Easier than getting down in the dirt with myself – why I’m angry, why I’m scared. Those are both prominent right now. Is anger really fear? The dark damp earth of my feelings just isn’t something I can handle right now. Let’s work some overtime instead.   Let’s play another game on the phone.  Let’s do anything but touch that already aggravated nerve.

And yet.  Where do I come when I have nowhere left to go?
I come here. To this page. This blank-ass page with promise and nothingness and want.

Blessings –

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the Red

Incarnadine Sister of Blood

Scarlet like the overripe berry on the vine,

The livid crimson of a burn on the flesh,

The fading and rekindling are your crossroad,

Arcane Sorceress,

and we sacrifice our shame and delight to your Blade.

A Year, A Decade


The 2010s were wild.

I started playing roller derby.
I met my future husband.
I graduated college.
I started teaching.
I got married.
We bought a house.
I stopped playing derby.
My dad died.
I got pregnant.
I had twins.
I became a mom.
I welcomed my ancestors even deeper into my life and cultivated my practice as witch.

It’s been a ride, this year especially. I’ve experienced the worst anxiety of my life, like all the things I had stuffed down, years of repressing and coping, but not really healing came bursting through. Motherhood does that to you, I’ve mentioned before. Motherhood opens wounds and forces change. Motherhood guides you through the Underworld and hangs you on a hook.

Past traumas of sexual assault, the grief of my dad’s passing, the terror you experience when suddenly your heart is walking around outside your body in the form of two beautiful toddlers.
This year was awful and magnificent. I am finally helping myself, I am finally taking my mental and physical health seriously. I am coming into my own as a mother, ebbing and flowing like the oceanic mother we all share. I am active in my pursuit of justice, vocal in my calls to action, and I endeavour to be silent when it’s my turn to listen.

In the next decade my babies will grow older, the wheel will continue to turn. There’s so much work to do.

Oh, I also stopped shaving under my arms. Definitely would suggest.


A Prayer to Jera

Wheel Spinner
Sand Spiller
Planet Turner
Rotate us on our axis, o’ Cyclical One.
You are the bane of stagnation, the despair of inaction, the ruin of stillness.
Your lesson is one of motion and of journeys.
In you we realize that there is no beginning, no end, only the revolution.
Birth and
Life and
are all your domain.
Bring forth the coming year, the harvest and the monsoons.
Bring us bitter chills and seedlings that burst forth from the frost.
Bring us motion.
Bring us continuation.
Planet Turner
Sand Spiller
Wheel Spinner
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An on-going list of political and social action items to keep you aware in these rage-inducing times.

Organizations to Support That Aren‘t the Homophobic Salvation Army

-The Navajo Nation is getting addresses — vital to voter registration in many states– thanks to an open-source mapping program.

100 Ways to Support—Not Appropriate From—Native People

-Help voters register before the 2020 primaries by donating to Spread the Vote’s Project ID initiative.

– Good news! Federal court temporarily blocks an Alabama law banning abortions, finding it unconstitutional.

-The #HomeIsHere campaign provides resources for individuals receiving DACA protections.

-The legalization of same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland has gone into effect!

-NJ passes law making it easier for new parents to access family leave insurance and pregnancy-related disability insurance.

Still useful stuff:

 Resources for teachers, education volunteers, and students on empowering students to vote.  Curriculae, planning a registration drive (4-week action plan), start a club (sample club constitution), and more!

Four Ways to Destigmatize Abortion in Everyday Conversations

-What You Can Do to Help Women in States With Extreme Abortion Bans via the Cut.

-Use the Americans of Conscience worksheets to make and Action Plan and Self Care plan for 2019.

-Complete Guide to 2019 Artist Grants & Opportunities

– Check out Jen Hoffman’s new year activism challenge with her activism plan worksheet and a bonus self care worksheet.   Sign up for her weekly newsletter which is so ridiculously more thorough than ours!

– Join the Handmaid’s Resistance!  Get updates about events, resources, organizing your own event and more.

– fire up that cellular device and oppose the rollback of birth control coveragedefend childhood immigrants and DREAMersdenounce Trump’s ban on transgender troops, tell DeVos to maintain title IX protections for campus assault victims.  Or pick any other five issues from 5 Calls, there are 31 active issues!  Bonus points: follow up with emails and faxes through an app (see below) or good ole snail mail.

– Try the Stance app. Record a voice message and will send it directly to your representative’s phone.

– Head to the House of Representatives website to find your rep in congress and contact them! Emails are great, phone calls are better, but do something. Contact them until the poor, unpaid interns who have to answer the phones all day know you by name. Contact them until everyone cries because you will not stop until your rep knows exactly where you stand on all the issues.

– Follow your congress(wo)man on Twitter or periodically check-in (if clouding your social media feed with their trash is too repulsive), representatives will often tweet about upcoming town halls. Attend town halls.

– If you are in a time crunch and want to contact your senators or representatives but can’t get to a town hall, check out this genius texting bot called Resistbot.  You will have to come up with a short message, but the bot will fax your legislators DAILY if you so desire.  Resistbot is now available on Facebook Messenger, with even more features than ever.  If you are not using this, it is simply the fastest, best way to contact your state and federal representatives.

– The Women’s March is a goldmine of resources and suggested actions to combat the growing voice of racism, bigotry, and sexism. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram as well!

– Check out The American Civil Liberties Union’s (ACLU) handy-dandy doc Know Your Rights for when you’re out there on the street peacefully protesting and expressing your motherfuckin’ right to civil disobedience. In fact, while you’re at it, donate some cash monies if you can. Here in ‘Merica we vote with our dollars.

– **NEW!!** Indivisible has released a brand new version of the Indivisible Guide.  New congress, new rules of engagement.  Check it out!!

-If you are a Texas resident, you can go to the Texas Legislature Online and sign-up for an account, allowing you to view legislative content and add bills to an alert list. Whenever a bill you’ve put on your list is updated, you’ll receive an alert. Also, feel free to check out our list of Texas legislative bills that we are monitoring and updating. Stay woke, witches.

-Check out Planned Parenthood Texas Vote‘s guide on attending legislative committee hearings where the public is given the opportunity to provide input and feedback on proposed laws.

– Don’t over extend yourself! Yes, we’d all like to fix all the problems right the fuck now, but that’s not practical. You will burn yourself out if you try to keep up with everything in this country (and world for that matter) that needs fixing, so we recommend you come up with a short list of the most important social issues to you. This does not mean you don’t care about everything! We know you do! But we can’t all be doing everything all the time.

Full ImageHocus Pocus, bitches.

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